ASSEBLIEF toe, once you have moved on the higher life of the wealthy middle class, it does not mean that you have to let go of everything you learned ko kasi.
You don’t need hobaya di braai stand, di toys tse expensive amongst other things because, for braai stand you can create you own ka drum or dustbin, and for di toys chuna transie kadi hanger.
Life ya loxion enale disadvantages tse baie, maar enale life skills tse baie as well. Don’t adopt life yadingamla ya isolation deur ko kasi you grow up knowing ho re you must know your neighbours. So bakokotela da di surburbs and introduce yourself.
Those same neighbours batlo ho needer one day when they don’t have electricity in the house, and vice versa.

Don’t waste money on things that you know hore you can find other ways of acquiring without ukudiliza e wallet yakho.For example, why buy mineral water when there is water in your house, or going to expensive barbershops for a hair cut when you know that it is easy to drive eloxion for a haircut ye half tiger.Basically, we were always about bargains, no need for that to change because you have new money.Darkies, why are you talking isingamla amongst yourselves when there is no ngamla in your group? Why nesithaida, ama languages wethu are good enough to converse in, you wouldn’t do that eloxion so why do you do it ema suburbs.
It has gotten so worse that ama authi abizana mate. Ever came across izingamla ziringa e taal yethu? Nope.
Suddenly am extended relatives who are no longer important in your life, you say uncle to Malume, rang wane, ramogolo when there is actually a difference between the three.

Osashapa ke skam when it comes to practising culture yahao in the surbubs, dingamla tse oleng worried katsona are not helping you pay your bond.Keledladla lahao, so start making your own.



When I was little and running on the race track at school, I always stopped and waited for all the other kids so we could run together even though I knew (and everybody else knew) that I could run much faster than all of them! I pretended to read slowly so I could “wait” for everyone else who couldn’t read as fast as I could! When my friends were short I pretended that I was short too and if my friend was sad I pretended to be unhappy. I could go on and on about all the ways I have limited myself, my whole life, by “waiting” for people. And the only thing that I’ve ever received in return is people thinking that they are faster than me, people thinking that they can make me feel bad about myself just because I let them and people thinking that I have to do whatever they say I should do. I’m not waiting for anybody, anymore! I’m going to run as fast as I can, fly as high as I can, I am going to soar and if you want you can come with me! But I’m not waiting for you anymore.

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I have been not writing for a long time. I am busy with project that is why i have been scarce for more than 3 months. The final product will be available in January. I will be giving back to the community of my home town, hopefully as the time goes….. it will be national.

Watch the space!!!

2 days left

23 days ago I got married(the Home Affairs way) to the love of my life, In 2 days time we will be married the traditional way in Tarkastad. Everything is going smooth, no more stressed as we were 10 days ago.

To tell you the truth I have butterflies in my stomach but this what I wanted. I have mixed emotions but hey it’s done. “CHALLENGE YOURSELF”


Two months after we meet, something inside me said “This is the one to keep” and a few months later that inner voice came back. Guess what it said…. “Make her your wife”. 

I could not say no to the inner voice, After the decision I sat down asking myself questions and the answers were cruising out without thinking much. 

Now in a months time we are going  home for the lobola negotiations, I hope everything will go according to plan. Sometimes we have to listen to our inner voice and not to question everything because most thing about our lives were planned before we were born. 


Everyday most people subscribe to newsletters of certain things, things that will make the fire inside them burn more. A few months ago I came across an article by Erik, the owner of Betterman blueprint.

I subscribed to his newsletter, obviously one thing in my mind….to be better than yesterday. It is an inspiring newsletters /Conversations that would recommend to the guys who want to change their  lifestyle.

From a personal point of view, it has helped me in so my aspect of my life… I know it is not big but I can see something is happening. The other thing about the Betterman blueprint is that Erik also gives a platform to state how is life after getting the newletters. He once asked the Betterman community about starting a weekly new letter, I said yes and now we have a weekly newsletter.

Quoted fro this weeks newsletter:”Mel introduces us to a new swear word, guaranteed to stifle our self-growth and development. “Fine!” That little lie we tell ourselves, and everyone around us, just to save face.

“How are you doing? You’re fine? Really?”

“Fine” is the lovely little scapegoat that allows us to sit comfortably where we are and stew in our misery, never taking action and not doing anything. 

The answer is simple but it’s also not easy. 

“You have life changing ideas for reason”

That’s because you are not “fine” you are driven and you truly want to change the world! Unfortunately confidence is not the answer, confidence is the result of taking action.”

To all the guys out there please subscribe to the Betterman blueprint newsletter


When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

Stay low key. Not everyone needs to know everything about you.

Everyone has a story to write. Everyone has gone through something that changed them.

People will notice the change in your attitude towards them, but won’t notice their behavior that made you change.

Learn to value people around you, because once you lose someone… it is never exactly the same person who comes back.

Give but don’t allow to be used.

Don’t compare your life with others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon. THEY SHINE WHEN IT IS THEIR TIME….



As i stand in front of my desk/table at work,poop an email from Zhauns (Manufacturing Company). It is a catalogue with heavy machinery.

One thing comes to my mind… a business opportunity. Questions are flooding to my head, where to start?.. Where to get funding?.. Do I need a partner?… Ok.

First thing an email to the NYDA for information and advice on how to start this type of a business. A reply is saying they will get back to me in the next 24 hours… . please wait guys because I’m also waiting. I‘ll  continue in the next 24 hours. 

Plan, Time or Money?

Which one comes first? From a person point of view…. i DON’T know.

Time must be explicitly managed like money, but first you need to plan…. wait Time first or plan?. I’m not sure now, Time first… YES coz without time your are dead.

A few days back i told my girlfriend what my plans are for this year and 2018, she agreed on everything I said. The next morning I got a text from her saying… “We need to talk”, one thing came to mind… (All boys know). It was about the talk we had the previous night.

You can always change your plans,but if you have one that’s what she told me. I wanted so many things in short space of time. I’m a believer in to do list but I his week I didn’t write anything down. The most useful thing about to do list is you don’t get into debts.

All I’m trying to say is…. Don’t stress over things that you cannot accomplish in a short space of time, do what you can now and the rest will follow.. yes you’ll stress but try to empty the cup so it can be light.


This is a day after my 31st birthday. Let me start with the bad side of things/what happened on the 04/06/2017. The day started slow with one of the guy getting lost and we spent a few hours looking for him. Things got off around 2pm, 

In April i sent invitations to family members, friends and people I knew for along time (ex colleagues ). On the invitations i asked them to bring a present on the day of the party, guess what happened….Looooool. Yes some came with presents and others not, what killed me was….never mind. 

The day went well over a couple of drinks, surprisingly more people came….the ones that were not invited. Everyone was enjoying so did not mind giving them somethingto drink. 

The next morning when i woke up my girlfriend told me that some of the presents were stolen. Ok life goes on….. we had a few left, we cleaned what was a mess and the party started till later that day. 

Thanks to everyone that came with a present,now I know who to trust and assist in whatever they come across in life. 

Magobo + Philz


Stan the man

My domestic worker

White man….. 




In December 2016, not sure about the date.I meet/started dating with Zizipho Nadia Kortman,I knew her for a long time as we are from the same location/place of birth. Let me press the rewind button << In 2001 she used to be a child… assisting to see my lover at the time. 

A few years back, i feel for her but did not have the courage to speak to her. A close friend of my told me about her and that she has a crush on me. Then I took the step before her, we spoke and now 5 months later we are still inlove with each other like we started last night. 

Love you!! 

From Abongile 


I was born on the 26th of May in 1986, so this year the big boy turns 31. On that day I was crying and obviously my parents were smiling, coz they were blessed with a cute baby boy. From 1986 to 1994 I was know as Themba Mguzulwa, my name was change by my father not knowing what was the reason. 

I was named Abongile Brilliant Joka, that’s the name I now carry on my shoulders everyday. I stopped posting for some time, but a close friend of mine encouraged me to write again about my life. Thanks a million my boy (Lazola Tshabalala, white man ). That’s enough for the day.